Warehouse Expert Happy to Share Knowledge with Amsterdam Students

Warehouse Expert Happy to Share Knowledge with Amsterdam Students

Amsterdam Guest Lecturer Worked with Some of World's Biggest Logistics Companies

Dutch warehouse expert, Emiel van Gijzen, shared his tricks of the trade with entrepreneurial students from Wittenborg Amsterdam during a recent Procurement and Production seminar in the capital city. Van Gijzen has worked for big logistics companies like DHL, XPO and Panalpina, and has 25 years' experience in warehouse management. 

During the seminar he looked at questions like: What does the warehouse mean to an entrepreneur? Costs and risks in storage and transportation? Efficiency of cash flow and product delivery?

Students appreciated having a professional from the field sharing the inside scoop of his job.  

Though some of them have visited warehouses before, the seminar raised their interest in the functions of warehouses in the general management of enterprises, especially in the Netherlands where they can enjoy scrapping customs tariffs in import and export.

Van Gijzen also guided students in exploring the reasons behind choosing the location of a warehouse and the importance of warehouses in logistics systems. He furthermore emphasised the costs of warehouses. Entrepreneurs and business management need to create a bridge between internal and external parties' involvement, due to their sometimes differing responsibilities.  

Van Gijzen has worked for logistics service providers as well as consultants and retail and industrial companies in the Netherlands and abroad. In this environment, he is actively involved in warehouse design, implementation and optimisation for many companies.

He found it inspiring to share his vast knowledge with international students.  “It’s a good experience for me, too. I’m quite inspired by the interaction with the international students. I hope my seminar will benefit them in the same way.”

WUP 24/11/2019
by Anesca Smith
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