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Food Security is Focus of Amsterdam Project Week

In a first for Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, students at its Amsterdam campus recently organised their own Project Week, which saw five groups competing with thousands of other students from around the world for the annual Hult Prize - developing a start-up idea with a huge impact, often around a single social issue. This year the theme is "Food for Good".

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Using the Natural Rhythms of a City to Make You Safer

MBA students at Wittenborg Amsterdam were recently treated to a seminar by Prof. Caroline Nevejan, chief science officer of the City of Amsterdam, who came to talk about City Rhythm - a project initiated by her where city dwellers' daily rituals are observed and the data then used to enhance social security. "Rhythms in a city are very important – people often let their dogs out at the same time, bring their children to school at the same time, sit in the same bus every day or do their shopping at the same intervals. This creates a certain cohesion, and I wanted to do something with that. Which is why I presented my ideas to local governments and they agreed that this rhythm can be used to enhance security," Nevejan told VNG Magazine.

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Southeast Amsterdam where Wittenborg is Located Eyes More Tourist Arrivals

Amsterdam city council member, Dirk de Jager, recently gave a guest lecture to students as part of the first real-life project of the new academic year at Wittenborg Amsterdam, which centred on City Marketing. De Jager is responsible for the promotion of financial and economic growth as well as sustainability and the circular economy. In a recent article in Bijlmer & Meer, he is quoted as saying that the COVID-19 crisis presents us with the opportunity to restore balance to the economic activity in the city, especially in the southeast part of Amsterdam – which is also the area where Wittenborg Amsterdam is located, in the Dali Building.

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Wittenborg Amsterdam Students Visit Home of Football Club Ajax

Fifteen students of Wittenborg Amsterdam went on an excursion to the Johan Cruijff Arena, which is not only one of the most recognisable landmarks of Amsterdam but also one of the most innovative stadiums in Europe.

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Expert on Migrant Entrepreneurship Shares Insight at Wittenborg Amsterdam

A European expert on migrant entrepreneurs, Dr Issac Acheampong, recently gave a guest seminar to undergraduate and MBA students at Wittenborg Amsterdam. Acheampong is the Program Manager of the European Regional Development Funds Program (ERDF) at the Amsterdam City Council. He has more than 20 years' experience working with migrant entrepreneurs in areas that have been targeted by the EU for urban renewal. The seminar was for the course Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Amsterdam Zuidoost.

Warehouse Expert Happy to Share Knowledge with Amsterdam Students

Dutch warehouse expert, Emiel van Gijzen, shared his tricks of the trade with entrepreneurial students from Wittenborg Amsterdam during a recent Procurement and Production seminar in the capital city. Van Gijzen has worked for big logistics companies like DHL, XPO and Panalpina, and has 25 years' experience in warehouse management.

Wittenborg at Begin Edu Fair in Ukraine

More than 1,000 students attended the Begin Edu Fair in Kiev, Ukraine, recently and Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences was there! According to Wittenborg Amsterdam's campus manager representing the institution at the fair, students were particularly impressed with Wittenborg University's international profile.

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Amsterdam Students Impress with Ideas on Strategy Formulation

Wittenborg Amsterdam students impressed both staff and students from the University of Brighton when they recently did a presentation on different approaches to strategy formulation, by analysing Wittenborg's competitive position in what is considered a crowded higher education market globally.

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Wittenborg Amsterdam Students Visit Famous Chocolate Factory

Last month, students from Wittenborg University's Amsterdam campus had a tour of Tony Chocoloney's offices in the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam. This visit was another collaboration with students from the Vrije Universiteit and the University of Amsterdam. The tour guide spoke about the importance of the social mission and the story behind Tony's logo and brand name. He also provided us with information about the partnerships that Tony's has forged with competitors, their organisational structure and plans for expansion, including building a large factory in Zaandam complete with roller coaster. This was a productive conversation in which we discussed  Tony's choice not to advertise, and their creation of the 'slave free' logo which is now also used by the Albert Heijn supermarket chain to indicate child-labour-free cocoa products. 

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Introduction Day Amsterdam

The new block has started and Wittenborg is happy to welcome freshers from Nigeria, UK, Iran, the Netherlands, Brazil, Pakistan, Vietnam. Three of them are MBA and five are EBA students. During two introduction days, they had a chance to meet the staff members, to learn about the university and surroundings. The introduction was wrapped up with an urban quest where the students had to demonstrate their creativity while exploring the neighborhood.

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