Amsterdam Students Impress with Ideas on Strategy Formulation

Students Analyse Wittenborg's Position in "Crowded HE Market"

Students from Wittenborg's  EBA double-degree programme in Amsterdam recently attended a two-day workshop covering different approaches to strategy formulation. The double-degree programme is offered jointly with the University of Brighton in the UK.

The group was then set a challenge to present an analysis of Wittenborg's competitive position in what is considered a crowded higher education market - not only in the Netherlands, but also globally. The exercise also granted the opportunity for students from Wittenborg Amsterdam to meet-and-greet lecturers from Brighton and Wittenborg staff.

Besides members of Wittenborg's management team, the presentation was also attended by Clare Millington, the course leader of the programme at Brighton. Five teams presented their conclusions, applying strategic models such as a 5-forces analysis, the stakeholder power interest matrix, the VRIN resources matrix, and then concluding with a SWOT/TOWS analysis and a number of useful recommendations for the management team to consider.

Millington said she was very impressed by the quality of the presentations which skillfully combined new strategy knowledge and analytical skills to identify useful insights and opportunities.  "The double-degree students make great ambassadors for Wittenborg and the University of Brighton," complimented Clare.

Elena Rubleva, a Russian student, said: "A very beneficial and interesting approach when disparate theories were introduced as a coherent system.  From abstract theory, they immediately turned into practical tools that can be applied in everyday business practice, whether it is the auditing of a big company or creating a business plan for a small startup."

Edison Gurraj, a Brighton student who joined the session, said: "I arrived yesterday and was so shocked to see how enthusiastic the students at Wittenborg are. I was immediately greeted with open arms and they really didn't take long to make me feel as if I have been part of the group since the start."

Gurraj continued: "The students show a high level of experience in their presentations and how they apply themselves for their upcoming assignments. It is different in many ways to university back in Brighton, as I feel that education is sometimes taken for granted, and I'm sure if the roles were to switch and the Wittenborg students were at the campus in Brighton, they too would do a fantastic job."

Slah Smoali, a double-degree student from the UK who joined Wittenborg this year, enjoyed his time with lecturers and his new classmates. "After the feedback (on our presentation), we had a nice get-together to talk about everyone’s perspectives and futures with a lot of new ideas. I gained more information and new creative ideas for my future business. My professors inspired me with their backgrounds to motivate and work in a more efficient way."

WUP 13/11/2019
by James Wittenborg
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Students Analyse Wittenborg's Position in "Crowded HE Market"
Students Analyse Wittenborg's Position in "Crowded HE Market"
Students Analyse Wittenborg's Position in "Crowded HE Market"