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Student Column: The Case for Moderation

Moderation is the idea that we should always strive to lead a balanced life and avoid all kinds of extremism. We should always be moderate and balanced in all aspects of our lives. Every admirable trait has two ends responsible for it. For example, generosity is the mid-point between miserliness and extravagance, while the mid-point between cowardice and recklessness is courage. We should always aim to find the centre of everything.

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An International university like Wittenborg sees many students travelling back to their home countries during school breaks. That said, packing your bags before heading to the airport is something that is practically unavoidable. For those students who are always well organised and well prepared, this article may not necessarily apply to you. But, if you are a student who often relates to the following terms: Procrastination, Instagram scrolling, Black Mirror & many more… than you will probably find yourself with little to no time left to pack your bags.

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