How to pack your bags the day of your flight

How to pack your bags the day of your flight

For the "last-minute'' type of people

Listed below is a combination of two frequent scenarios that may occur given this topic.

It’s 11:00pm, a loud *ding* is heard coming from your phone: the notification from your airline is requesting for you to check-in for your flight the next day. You tell yourself: “Hmm, I got 24 hours left to pack my bags, I am Gucci!” The night passes (cue the well-known scene from The Hangover 1 when they are all on the rooftop of Ceaser’s Palace). All of a sudden, it’s the next day, 2:00pm and your flight is at 7pm.
You open your eyes and realise that you completely messed up and start to panic. With this panic set, you scramble to get all your bags in order and manage to get to the airport one hour before the flight and realise: you forgot your passport.
NOTE: Don’t panic, dude! Here’s how to actually handle such a common situation.

How to pack your bags the day of your flight

Again, it’s 2pm, when your flight is at 7pm. You wake up, and realise the situation. First thing: take three deep breaths, in from your nose and out from your mouth, just like that annoying Headspace ad tells us to do all the time. What you do next is brainstorm everything that needs to be done before you leave your place. This stage will often resemble the meme to your right. Once brainstorming is done, let’s say at around 2:30pm, you chug a sugar-free Red Bull (because you're definite about that healthy lifestyle) and get to work!
It's 4pm and you are done packing your bags along with your passport duck taped to your forehead, but it is also the time you are supposed to be at the airport according to International travel standards. It's okay, almost no one abides by these rules anyway. One box is ticked and now all you need to worry about is getting yourself to the airport.

If we were to take this scenario as students who live in Apeldoorn, we would most probably miss the flight already at this point, knowing how amazing the trains in the Netherlands function. However, keeping this situation generalised, an hour passes by and you happen to be successfully at the airport 90 minutes before departure. Congratulations!

For those of you who made it all the way here, thank you. And, I am sorry if you thought this was going to be a formal "How-To" article. The truth is, packing your bags can take between a grand total of 15 minutes to a week, depending on what type of person you are.

I wish nothing but safe travels to anyone setting off this Summer.

WUP 21/7/2019
by Matthew Skelhorne
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