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Wittenborg Warned Minister about RUG Months Ago

Months after Wittenborg urged the Dutch ministry of education to investigate how the University of Groningen (RUG) went about distinguishing between public and private funding to finance their failed venture in China, it has now come to light that Groningen went to great lengths to bypass a ministerial order that taxpayers’ money must not be used for the deal.

Wittenborg Voices Concern to Education Minister

As the Dutch Minister of Higher Education prepares to introduce a new policy on internationalisation to parliament this summer, the management of Wittenborg University has written her a letter urging against regulating the number of international students in the Netherlands. In its letter, Wittenborg also raises serious concerns about research universities' disregard for the Dutch binary system in higher education, specifically with regard to entrance requirements for non-EU students, for instance from China and Russia.

New Education Minister is Advocate for Internationalism

New Education Minister is Advocate for Internationalism

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Wittenborg University reacts strongly against an attempt by the Dutch Minister of Education to regulate use of the term "University"

A University of Applied Sciences is a University? Of course it is!

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Dutch Minister of Education is hopeful that the Dutch economy will soon recover to give international students the chance to compete on the Netherlands job market

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Dutch Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker pays a visit to Wittenborg University Apeldoorn

Dutch Minister of Education Jet Bussemaker meet Wittenborg University Directors Maggie Feng and Peter Birdsall

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