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Higher fees and Fewer Scholarships for Non-EU Students at Public Uni's

Fewer scholarships and higher fees are what non-EU students planning to study at public universities in the Netherlands face, should new cabinet proposals to deal with the influx of international students come into force. Whether this will also apply to private institutions like Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, that are not publicly funded, is unclear.

Foreign Students Give Dutch Economy a Huge Boost

Contrary to the idea that international students are a huge financial burden to the Netherlands, new figures from the Dutch Central Planning Bureau (CPB) has shown the opposite - in actual fact they add thousands of euros to the economy each year.

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Dutch to Stem Tide of International Students to Research Universities - Report

The Dutch government is taking some serious steps to curb the number of international students coming to the country, which includes raising the minimum tuition fee for students from outside the European Economic Area and compelling them to take Dutch lessons, ScienceGuide reported this week.

Prospective Students Asked not to Contact IND Directly about Permit

The Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) has asked prospective international students to direct questions about their intended stay in the Netherlands to the institution they intend to apply to – whether a research university or a university of applied sciences like Wittenborg.

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Minister Weighs in on International Students "Fast-Tracked into Prestigious Universities"

The Minister of Higher Education, Ingrid van Engelshoven, has said she is not averse to asking the Dutch Inspectorate of Education to look into the way agencies recruit international students for public universities if there are indications of irregular conduct.