Dutch Higher Education

Minister Promises: Education Budget will not Be Slashed

Smack in the middle of the corona crisis, the Dutch cabinet published a report consisting of 16 papers outlining a broad range of options for improving public services, including the education sector. Next to a great number of interesting improvement options, however, the Broad Civic Re-evaluation, as it is called, also included a series of policy options that would plant a bomb under the education system in the Netherlands.

Dutch Ministers to Answer Questions on International Graduates' Petition

The plight of hundreds of international graduates in the Netherlands who petitioned the government to extend the 12-month orientation year (zoekjaar), afforded to international graduates allowing them to look for a job, has reached the Dutch parliament. D66 MP Jan Patternotte has addressed written questions to three ministers which they have to respond to later this week. The matter has also been highlighted on the EU website in a news brief.

Government's New Agenda for HE "Unfeasible"

Despite being a hefty 134 pages long, the Dutch government’s new Strategic Agenda for Higher Education has drawn criticism for its lack of concrete plans and time frames for its execution.

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Minister: Private Dutch HE Institutions not Obliged to Justify Use of English

While public universities in the Netherlands will likely have to justify why they offer programmes in English in the future, no such obligation will rest on private institutions like Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, the Dutch minister of education, culture and science, Ingrid van Engelshoven, assured Parliament this week.

Higher fees and Fewer Scholarships for Non-EU Students at Public Uni's

Fewer scholarships and higher fees are what non-EU students planning to study at public universities in the Netherlands face, should new cabinet proposals to deal with the influx of international students come into force. Whether this will also apply to private institutions like Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, that are not publicly funded, is unclear.

Dutch to Stem Tide of International Students to Research Universities - Report

The Dutch government is taking some serious steps to curb the number of international students coming to the country, which includes raising the minimum tuition fee for students from outside the European Economic Area and compelling them to take Dutch lessons, ScienceGuide reported this week.