Wittenborg Vienna

Wittenborg Students Visit UN Office in Vienna

The United Nations has four offices in Vienna. Students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' Vienna campus recently visited them as part of Project Week activities.

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Vienna Students at Diplomatic Ball

Hospitality students from Wittenborg Vienna recently got the chance to attend and work behind the scenes at the prestigious Diplomatic Academy Ball in Vienna.
The ball was organised by the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna, a postgraduate professional school, dedicated to preparing talented men and women for positions of leadership and international careers.
Wittenborg’s Hospitality Business Administration (HBA) students were asked to help with setting up the event and working behind the bars. “Students had to attend a special cocktail mixing class for this event, but as they were already seasoned cocktail drinkers this presented no problem at all!” said Tim Birdsall, Wittenborg’s international sales director.

Students Get 5-Star Welcome at Park Hyatt Hotel in Vienna

Students Get 5-Star Welcome at Park Hyatt Hotel in Vienna

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