Study in 2 European Countries

Wittenborg Students Can Study in the Netherlands and Austria

Why not do part of your study in Vienna?

When Wittenborg opened its first international campus in Vienna in 2017 it also opened the opportunity for students to study in two different countries – the Netherlands and Austria!

Why not do part of your study in Vienna?

First-year bachelor's degree students who want to do an exchange period in Vienna need to have completed at least one study block to qualify. Those who are interested can speak to their process tutors to get more information about the application procedures.

Wittenborg Vienna shares its campus with EWS Vienna

Wittenborg Vienna currently offers 5 of the Bachelor of Business Administration (IBA) programmes and 3 MBA degree programmes, which are also offered in the Netherlands. See the complete list here.

 Wittenborg Vienna lecturers

Campus director, Dr Alexander Bauer, recently traveled to Holland to give students insight on what they can expect when studying in Vienna. Bauer said that since all modules of the programmes available in Vienna are offered simultaneously to those in the Netherlands, students would not have to worry about falling behind.

Home of Mozart, Beethoven, Freud and Coffee Connoisseurs

Home of Mozart, Beethoven, Freud and Coffee Connoisseurs

Vienna is a city of 1.8 million people with a rich cultural life as well as exceptional beauty. In fact, some of its most famous residents have included the likes of Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud. It is famous for its Viennese Balls and also for its excellent coffee.

Practical Matters

Practical Matters

EU/EEA students do not need a visa to study in Austria, but if they plan to stay for longer than 3 months they do need to register (Anmeldebescheinigung) at the local municipality in Vienna.

Students from outside the EU who already have a Dutch residence permit can stay up to 90 days in another Schengen country like Austria. If they want to study for between 3 – 6 months they can apply for a Visa D at the Austrian Embassy in the Netherlands or in their home country. For longer studies they will need an Austrian residence permit.

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