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Dutch Wittenborg Student Starts Own Business

Wittenborg is delighted to highlight Dutch student Philippe Beumers' new business venture. Philippe is currently in the first year of his bachelor's degree program in Economics & Management. However, his passion revolves around football and sports in general. With that in mind, Philippe has started a business called Panna that will primarily sell sports memorabilia along with the brand's very own merchandising.

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A Canadian in the Netherlands.

For those of you who don’t know, I am Canadian, born and raised in both Montreal and Toronto. I visited the Netherlands twice before moving here last August. When I first got here, the Dutch would mention many stereotypes regarding Canadians. That in mind, we are associated with so many stereotypes of which most are untrue. However, the most interesting thing said about Canada is the one involving our monetary bills; they are 100% water proof and if you scratch the shiny silver part like a lotto ticket, it will smell like maple syrup.

Failure is Part of the Entrepreneurial Journey

During her ongoing journey as an entrepreneur, MSc student Pahal Nopani has learned many lessons - including that failure is an important element to growth and that "a start-up might fail, but an entrepreneur never does".

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"Life is Meant to Be Lived" - Never too late for newly enrolled MBA student Linda Harwood.

Linda Harwood is now studying at Wittenborg to complete an MBA in General Management at the age of 61 years young! She was born and raised in Western Australia and has not skipped a day ever since. Linda has a bachelor's and post-graduate degree in Accounting along with several business-related certificates.

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Cultural Differences Day at Wittenborg

Culture is something Wittenborg encourages and is part of the university's DNA. Cultural diversity is embraced in everything the university stands for. Earlier this month, local high-school students visited the Wittenborg campus as part of their global citizenship program. During this visit Wittenborg staff prepared an engaging program, including presentations and interactive sessions to share the importance of and the values required for true cultural diversity.

Trip to Münster Gives MSc Students Insight into Managing a Sport Club

Ten master's students from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recently visited German city Münster where they got to watch a professional volleyball match between USC Münster and Nawaro Straubing, as well as gaining valuable insight into the management of a sport club and the organisation of an event of that magnitude.

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