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Wittenborg's Raymond Rothengatter Making Impact on Society with Diversity at Workplace

When you suffer from a mental illness, finding (and keeping) a job can be an uphill struggle. Luckily for these type of job seekers there are employers like Wittenborg's Raymond Rothengatter. Rothengatter's ICT company, RayFlexCom, took part in a trial to determine how job seekers with mental health issues can be integrated at companies. His company tshowed that, with a little tweaking, it can be done successfully. In fact, so much so that government is now sponsoring 2,300 of these vacancies over the coming period.

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Dutch Parliament to Debate Reduction in Fees for Students at Private Institutions of HE

The Dutch department of education (DUO) had to make a hasty backtrack after accidentally informing students at private institutions of higher education that they are entitled to a reduced study fee in the coming academic year as part of the government's response to COVID-19 and its effect on education in the Netherlands the past year. Students at public institutions are entitled to the discount.

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Dutch Senate Airs Reservation about New Language and Accessibility Bill

The Dutch Senate has aired reservations about legislation proposed to give the Dutch government a better grip on the number of international students coming to the Netherlands – the senate fears it might damage the country's reputation abroad. In any case, the question about accessibility should lie with institutions of higher education, not legislators, it was said in a recent debate about the Language and Accessibility Bill.

Should 50% Credit Requirement also be Scrapped for International Students?

A few days ago, the majority of parties in the Dutch House of Representatives voted in favour of a motion asking the government to scrap the condition that students obtain a minimum number of European Credits during their first year or risk being kicked out of their programme. Should it be passed, will international students also be exempted from this condition which is currently attached to their study visa?

Government's New Agenda for HE "Unfeasible"

Despite being a hefty 134 pages long, the Dutch government’s new Strategic Agenda for Higher Education has drawn criticism for its lack of concrete plans and time frames for its execution.

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Dutch Government Tackles Lack of Housing for International Students - Wittenborg Ahead of the Pack

Dutch Government Tackles Lack of Housing for International Students - Wittenborg Ahead of the Pack

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Dutch Premier Mark Rutte in Apeldoorn with Wittenborg University Students

Anesca Smith of WUAS talks to Mark Rutte Prime Minister of the Netherlands

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Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte visits Apeldoorn, Aventus and Wittenborg University

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte with Director Maggie Feng - WUAS

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