Debbie Kuang Scholarship Fund

Stichting Debbie Foundation

The Stichting Debbie Foundation was created in memory of Chinese Wittenborg student Debbie Kuang, something she asked for, and since 2012, Wittenborg has provided around three hundred thousand euro in scholarships to students from developing countries to study on its programmes.

'Debbie' - Internationalisation more than just an international classroom or study abroad.

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Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Fund

Wittenborg Funds are specially released to attract:

  • Excellent international students (non EU/EEA)
  • Excellent home/EU/EEA students who are willing to join a degree course taught and examined in English

Professionalisation @ Wittenborg:

If you are selected for a Wittenborg Scholarship you will be expected to take part in projects to help professionalise Wittenborg University. You will also be asked to become a student rep and a buddy of new students.