Wittenborg University 25 Year Jubilee Launched with Balloons and Seminars

Alderman Johan Kruithof, of the Apeldoorn Municipal Council, today officially unveiled Wittenborg’s Silver Jubilee banner at the University campus in Apeldoorn today. Wittenborg’s 25th anniversary was celebrated by staff and students with a festive launching of balloons and a glass of bubbly and was followed by a series of key guest lectures for first and second year students.

At the opening ceremony, Alderman Kruithof spoke of Apeldoorn’s sincere and warm support of Wittenborg, who actually moved to the city in 2010, after 23 years in neighboring Deventer. Kruithof went on to express how proud the city of Apeldoorn was at the achievements Wittenborg had accomplished during their first two years in the town, which included stimulating more higher education projects to take place, as well as bringing valuable partnerships, such as with the University of Brighton, the Shanghai Business School, and the Shanghai Finance University.

WUP 07/11/12