Wittenborg MBA Graduate's Master's Thesis Published in Journal

Although the ultimate objective of a student’s postgraduate programme is to receive a master’s degree or a PhD, getting the final thesis published in a journal significantly adds to the accomplishment. No easy feat for any student, for Wittenborg MBA graduate Aydan Ismayilova, getting her thesis published in a scholarly journal was a big milestone.

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Wittenborg Alumnus Blooming in Dream Job

When MBA student Diah Syauqiresa graduated from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences this summer, she had already found her dream job – as creative designer at a major, international flower retailer, Bloom On, in Amsterdam. Her strategy? To ensure the internship she applied for as a student has a high probability of turning into a permanent position later. And of course, working hard!

Many Chinese Alumni Employed by Dutch HE Sector

Over 60% of Chinese bachelor's and around half of Chinese master's degree graduates still live in the Netherlands three years after receiving their diplomas, a new report by Statistics Netherlands (CBS) states. And around 43% of Chinese PhD graduates are still in the Netherlands 10 years after the end of their PhD contracts. This is around 10 percentage points higher than the stay rate of the average international PhD student in the Netherlands, the quarterly Internationalisation Monitor, commissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has found.

When Hearing "No" is a Gift, Because your Dream Job is Waiting Around the Corner

After graduating, Wittenborg alumnus, Armin Moradi, received a whole lot of rejection letters from companies. His situation was exacerbated by the coronavirus, but he kept on trying and has now landed a job with the biggest bank in the Netherlands, ING. "Looking back, I am over the moon that all those people said 'no' to me so I can do a job that I always dreamed of. This shows that sometimes hearing 'no' is a gift."

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Wittenborg Alumnus Leads Petition Group to Safeguard Graduates Prospects

When Indian student, Varsha Punj, graduated from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in July 2019, life was good – she soon started at a large retail firm in Amsterdam and her prospects of getting a permanent position looked fine. That was, until the COVID-19 pandemic reached the Netherlands in March. She soon found herself unemployed, like hundreds of other freshly graduated internationals. Punj is now driving a campaign appealing to the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) to extend the 12-month orientation year ("zoekjaar"), afforded to international graduates, that allows them to look for a job. Wittenborg has written to the government to request them to extend the so called orientation year for current graduates and those about to graduate.

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Wittenborg Partner in Munich, NEC, Hosts Meet & Greet at Alumni Wine Bar

A genuine and holistic business education where the student can fully exercise his or her entrepreneurial thinking must be underpinned with… fun. This is the belief at Wittenborg's partner institute in Munich, New European College (NEC), where a Meet & Greet between students and staff was recently organised. In the spirit of the values the college holds dear, the event was held at GoodWine Bar – a cosy wine bar in downtown Munich that was founded in 2019 by NEC Alumni Ekaterina Kuzmenko and Vladislav Anisimov.

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Meeting up with Alumni in Vietnam

During the Christmas and New year break, WUAS directors Peter Birdsall and Maggie Feng met up with a group of Alumni in Hanoi, Vietnam. It was a special group, as they came from the so-called 'Class of '99' - the first international class at the faculty of economics of Saxion University of Applied Sciences in Deventer, and were joined by Wittenborg alumnus Tracy Choé, who graduated 13 years ago.