Alumni Most Reliable Source of Info for International Students

Alumni Most Reliable Source of Info for International Students

Most International Students Funded by Family - Survey

Alumni are the most reliable source of information for prospective international students wanting to study in Europe and the UK, results from a new survey has shown. This relates to accuracy of life as a student in these countries, but also about job opportunities.

The ISEOS 2020 report was published by Cturtle. Between June and September 2019, a total of 16,830 responses were collected.  

The survey also revealed that most students funded their study abroad through family support - 62% of undergraduates and 43% of postgraduate students. The most popular field of study is management and commerce for postgraduates (33%) and finance and accounting for undergraduates (20%).   

The strongest factor when it comes to choosing a university for both undergraduate (57%) and postgraduate (52%) students is ranking, followed closely by location. Most choose to study abroad in order to improve their career opportunities. Many also view it as an opportunity to "live abroad".  

The survey also revealed that most international students are satisfied with their choice to study in a different country. A total of 93% of participants who studied in the Netherlands indicated that they had a positive international experience there, while 75% deemed it a good return on their investment.  

WUP 17/1/2020
by James Wittenborg
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