Master of Business Management

Master of Science Programmes Focusing on International Business & Management

The Master of Business Management Programmes (MBM) (Dutch Government Croho Registration 49149) are adapted and focused on bachelor’s graduates within the economics domain.

These programmes do not require work experience, in contrast to the internationally accepted ‘classic' MBA programmes that require 3 years of work experience. Another contrast with the MBA is that students are offered specialisation modules from the first semester, and also introduced to professional-based learning and company exposure.

Integrated & Multidisciplinary

Integrated & Multidisciplinary

WUAS maintains a far-reaching, integrated approach to its business & management degree courses, using fixed and tried curriculum structures that support broad programmes to allow students a wide experience, whilst providing them with the opportunity to specialise within a domain that interests them and they can identify with.

9 Specialisations

9 specialisations within the master's in business management

There are 9 specialisations within the master's in business management, 5 falling under the School of Business and 4 under the School of Hospitality & Tourism.

The highlights of this MSc curriculum include:

  • Carousel block system - 6 entry points a year.
  • Each programme shares 8 core modules and offers 4 specialisation modules.
  • Each programme offers students the possibility of professional practice, project weeks and in-company final projects.