Wittenborg Graduates

Wittenborg Lecturers and Graduate Write Book on Corporate Sustainability

Four lecturers and one MBA graduate from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences made contributions to a new book on corporate sustainability, which calls on businesses to ramp up their sustainable practices and capacities over and above what may have already been accomplished.

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Wittenborg Graduate Inspired to Start own Social Enterprise

In an economy driven by capitalism, social enterprises are not the sort of businesses you often come across. However, Wittenborg Amsterdam Entrepreneurship graduate Lucas Molenkamp and his friend have differentiated themselves by launching a start-up business in the men's boxer shorts industry – a charitable business based on innovation.

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Research on Self-Driving Cars

Wittenborg MBA graduate Jude Niranjan's thesis on self-driving vehicles in the Netherlands was so impressive that it will be presented as a paper at the 2018 European Conference on Cognitive Ergonomics in Utrecht on 5 September.

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Wittenborg Amsterdam Business School Students also Graduate at University of Brighton!

Double degree programme in Business and Management received their UK Bachelor of Science degrees today at a ceremony in the Brighton Centre situated on the seafront in Brighton.

On another extremely sunny and warm day, the business school students from Amsterdam looked splendid in their ceremonial gowns as they crossed the stage to pick up their degrees after being congratulated by Prof Debra Humphris, Vice Chancellor of the University of Brighton.

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Meet Our Top Graduates

Wittenborg had three honours graduates at this summer's graduation ceremony - all three are women, receiving their bachelor's degrees.

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AR Next Big Thing in Fashion Technology

Personalised marketing that caters to consumer's individual tastes and needs will grow in the future and the use of Augmented Reality will play a big part, research by Wittenborg graduate Rousanna Baird shows.

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Wittenborg Celebrates First Amsterdam Graduates

There was a special cause for celebration at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences’ 2018 Summer Graduation Ceremony on Friday: the university presented its very first graduates from its Amsterdam campus.

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Wittenborg Celebrates Latest Graduates

Universities are more inclusive than ever, transforming people from all backgrounds, lives and prospects, the vice-chancellor of the University of Brighton, Prof Chris Pole said, in a speech delivered at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' 2018 Summer Graduation Ceremony, which saw 44 graduates from 19 different countries receive their diplomas.

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Top Duo Return to Wittenborg to do MBA

After graduating with top honors from Wittenborg's Bachelor programme, business partners Maike Nuyken and Marius Zürcher are back to do MBAs in Hospitality Management.

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Next Holiday Destination Pakistan?

If you think of popular holiday destinations, Pakistan probably does not spring to mind. However, Wittenborg graduate, Jawaid Waleed, wants to change this. He did research and wrote his graduation assignment on the rise of ethno-tourism in Pakistan - focusing on a small community in the country’s Kalash Valley, who are thought to be direct descendants of Alexander the Great’s army that swept through India around 326 BC.

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