Wittenborg Lecturers and Graduate Write Book on Corporate Sustainability

Four academic staff members and one MBA graduate from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences made contributions to a new book on corporate sustainability, which calls on businesses to ramp up their sustainable practices and capacities over and above what may have already been accomplished.

Corporate Sustainability: The Next Steps Towards a Sustainable World was co-authored by Wittenborg lecturers Dr Teun Wolters and Dr Jan Jaap Bouma, and is available through various outlets including Amazon and bol.com. It was published by Routledge – one of the world’s leading academic publishers in Humanities and Social Sciences.

Besides Wolters and Bouma, various chapters were also written by Wittenborg lecturers Dr Gilbert Silvius and Dr Muhammad Ashfaq as well as MBA graduate Gizem Gören who graduated from Wittenborg  in 2017.

Drawing on empirical research, the book focuses on how corporate sustainability has evolved through innovation, new business models and recent approaches to corporate sustainability, the circular economy and strategic corporate social responsibilities. These issues are viewed through various prisms, including cultural, social and religious.

The book zooms in on the freight sector, the banking sector, Islamic finance and sustainability, detailing the contribution of faith-based organisations to promoting sustainability and the greening of church buildings.

Wolters said although a lot has been done "it is still not enough". "For many companies corporate sustainability is still not a priority, but rather a defensive tool to protect their reputation in society." The book also reiterates the need for collaboration between businesses, government and civil society.

WUP 13/9/2018

by James Wittenborg
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