Graduates Dream of Careers after the Pandemic, but for Now Just "Hope to Find a Job"

Graduates Dream of Careers after the Pandemic, but for Now Just "Hope to Find a Job"

Wittenborg Graduates Remain Positive about Prospects as they Enter Job Market

The majority of graduates at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences are optimistic about their prospects in the Netherlands as they enter the job market. This was revealed in a survey among its latest graduates in the days leading up to the institution's 2021 Winter Graduation Ceremony on 5 February.   

Almost 70% of the graduates said that they want to stay in the Netherlands "hoping" to find a job, a small percentage have found a job already, while others plan to start a business. Just over 43% of those who participated in the survey are students who have recently completed a master's degree.  

A student from Iran wrote: "I intend to stay and start a business. The Dutch business environment is attractive to me. I noticed that the government is supporting start-ups here." One Dutch student is making plans for after the pandemic: "As soon as events such as big parties, weddings, and festivals are allowed, I hope to find a job within the events industry. For now, my future involves becoming a wedding planner. Furthermore, I will continue practising my languages and plan on exploring some more." A student from Indonesia said she found a job in a medical supply company in Amsterdam and plans to stay in the Netherlands.  

A small handful are more pessimistic about their chances. One, from Indonesia, wrote: "My zoekjaar (orientation year) will expire in 9 months, so I'll go along with that. With this COVID situation, I'm a bit pessimistic.  If I get a job, I'll stay, if not, I leave."

A master's student from Vietnam wrote: "My initial plan was to build up my career here in the Netherlands after studying. However, due to the current situation of coronavirus pandemic, everything is difficult and unsure, especially for non-EU students."

About 8% of those surveyed want to pursue a master's degree – either in the Netherlands or abroad.  

Another 7% plan to go directly back to their home countries or already find themselves there. One MBA student from Vietnam wrote: "Honestly, I am living in Vietnam now. Unfortunately, I have to change my plans due to COVID-19. I will work in Vietnam at the moment. I will think and consider about doing my job search year in the Netherlands later."

WUP 12/2/2020
by Anesca Smith
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