Turkey, Brazil, China, Mexico and Russia First of 10 Nuffic NESO Offices to Be Closed

All 10 foreign offices of Nuffic, the organisation set up to promote the internationalisation of Dutch education, will get the chop in the next 3 years. The announcement was made this week. The Netherlands Education Support offices, or 'NESOs' as they are known, are located in Brazil, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, South Africa, Turkey, Russia, India, Mexico and Korea.

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Netherlands so Much More to Offer than "Tulips and Windmills"

With the Netherlands earning a third of its gross domestic product (GDP) from foreign trade, internationalisation in its education sector is of paramount importance. This is according to Peter Potman from the Dutch ministry of foreign affairs who was interviewed by Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for the promotion of higher education in the Netherlands. "Dutch companies need people with international experience. If the Netherlands wants to be counted in the world, it needs to internationalise its education," said Potman, acting director-general of foreign economic affairs at the ministry.

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Wittenborg in Moscow to celebrate 10 years of Nuffic Neso Russia

Wittenborg helps Neso Russia celebrate its 10th anniversary in Moscow, whilst strengthening ties with its partners in Moscow. Yesterday saw around 15 Dutch research and applied science universities join the Nuffic in Moscow to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Netherlands Education Support Office (Neso) in Moscow.

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Travel Card for International Students on the Horizon

The Dutch are considering a travel card for international students to give them a discount on public transport after a successful trial in 2018 involving five universities and four universities of applied sciences. About 3,000 of these special OV-chipcards were issued. Another test run across the country will be done in the next academic year.

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