Navigating Cultural Diversity at Work

Increased cultural diversity in companies calls for the ability to work productively with people from different backgrounds. Which is why business students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences recently got a masterclass from Dutch conflict resolution expert Prof. Adrian Borggreve who has decades of experience under his belt – which includes training the Lithuanian parliament in negotiation skills.

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Facemasks Compulsory at all Wittenborg Locations in the Netherlands from Monday 5th October

From Monday, the 5th of October the wearing of face masks at all Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences locations in the Netherlands will be compulsory unless sitting in a classroom, teaching, or sitting behind a desk with 1.5-m distance from others.

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HE Institutions Set Goals to Eradicate Inequality

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, together with other institutions in Amsterdam, has pledged its commitment to ensuring higher education gets more inclusive, diverse and more societally engaged by signing the 'Education Agreement'. Wittenborg's Amsterdam campus is located in the southeast part of the city. The institutions that co-signed the pledge are the University of Amsterdam, Wittenborg, The Hague Hotel School, InHolland University of Applied Sciences, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Amsterdam Art University of Applied Sciences and the iPabo University of Applied Sciences.

Pillars of Internationalisation, Diversity and Ethics important to support anti-racism policies

In 2019, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences was represented by over 100 different nationalities. Wittenborg’s three pillars of ‘Internationalisation, Diversity and Ethics’ have become ‘the global theme of 2020’, not just for Wittenborg, but for the whole planet. Whilst we are dealing with COVID-19 and Global Warming in 2020, racism has also again been pushed to the forefront by the Black Lives Matter protests, resulting from events in the USA. It has always been there, and everywhere, and has never gone away.

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"Multilingualism in Dutch HE should not Only Mean Dutch and English"

A week before Christmas, the Dutch Senate passed the Bill on Language and Accessibility - meant to rein in the tide of English in higher education and ensure the survival of Dutch - after fierce debate.

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Amazing international diversity within the ‘October Intake’ 2018

The ‘October’ intake at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences saw over 70 new students, representing 24 different nationalities, starting their bachelor’s and master’s programmes this year.

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Pupils from Apeldoorn Highschool KSG spend a day at Wittenborg!

Pupils from KSG Apeldoorn came to Wittenborg recently to learn about cultural diversity and share their own ideas about what makes them typically Dutch – such as the 3-kiss greeting!

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Dutch Employers Sign Pledge to Diversify Staff

Wittenborg University employs staff from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

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