For Students & Staff - ​​​​​​​Corona COVID-19 Virus Update 16/03/2020


Corona COVID-19 Virus Update 16/03/2020 for Students and Staff at WUAS (WUAS)

  • Closure of Amsterdam, Munich and Apeldoorn’s Spoorstraat Buildings
  • Information For New Students
  • Book Return and Lending Block 6
  • Aventus Location Remains Open

Message from Wittenborg's President, Peter Birdsall

The Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect countries around the world, and operations at WUAS. We would like to bring to your attention the following announcements and infromation:

  • Our mainline telephone number +31 088 667 2688 remains available at all times during working hours (CET). Email for all urgent questions about health and the effect of Coronavirus. Email for all IT and online login assistance.
  • WUAS has stopped classroom delivery of all its modules since Monday 16th March and will continue offering its programmes online until the end of Block 6 (17th May). There is no study freezePlease read this Policy Update for all the details.
  • New Students who have arrived or are arriving for Block 6 must ensure they are in contact with the Front Desk and the Registry. ( & Introduction Days next week will be held online as Webinars. Students planning to arrive for Block 7 must contact the Registry for all arrangements. 
  • Books: During the online delivery period (currently block 6) the book lending system will be suspended, and all module reading will be provided online by lecturers in the module areas, through e-books, cases, journals and articles. Students will be asked to retain their Block 5 books until a new time of returning them. Please await more details during Block 6.
  • The Laan van Mensenrechten (Aventus) headquarters location in Apeldoorn remains open to staff and students. Staff are advised to work from home where possible. Students are asked to make an appointment if they need to speak to a member of staff. Admissions, Registry and the Front Desk will be maintained at the Aventus Location during working days in this period.
  • The Spoortstraat building will be closed for students and staff from Tuesday 17th March until further notice. Frontdesk and support staff working should report to the Laan van mensenrechten
  • The Amsterdam location will be closed until further notice. Students and Staff in Amsterdam are requested to carry out all meetings via Microsoft Teams. Staff are requested to work from home.
  • The Munich location is already closed until further notice. Students and Staff in Munich are requested to carry out all meetings via Microsoft Teams and other tele-conferencing methods.Staff are requested to coordinated with NEC regarding work from home.
  • Students and staff who are currently abroad should follow events carefully, especially regarding travel restrictions. All students and staff who are outside of the Netherlands should inform of their whereabouts.
  • Students should ensure that their Process Tutor knows where they are and if there are any difficulties in using the online learning systems.
  • Staff should ensure that their teams and direct colleagues know where they are and if there are any difficulties in using the online learning systems and communication systems. Contact for assistance.
  • Staff have an 10am Online Coffee Break ‘call in’ moment every weekday scheduled in Office365 Teams for all staff - check Staff Messages Teams here.
  • Students should create communication channels in Office365 Teams to keep in regular daily touch with each other – please contact for assistance to create bespoke Teams in Office365.

At this difficult time, we wish everyone good health, strength and peace of mind. Thanks for your ability to adapt, your ability to cope. Study hard and work hard, even in difficult times. Shine! Our slogan 'Better Yourself, Better Our World'has never been more valid. We will emerge from this stronger.