FIBAA Recognition

FIBAA is recognised as a quality assurance agency not only in Germany, but also in Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland. 

Germany – Accreditation by the German Accreditation Council


FIBAA has been authorised by the German Accreditation Council to perform Programme and System Accreditations in Germany and to award its seal to state and state-recognised private universities.

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Switzerland – Recognition by the Federal Department of Economics Affairs FDEA


In 2008, the FDEA recognised FIBAA at national level and confirmed that the federal, legislative requirements and European standards have been met for accreditation agencies. This means that FIBAA is entitled, on its behalf, to verify accreditation requests submitted by Swiss universities of applied sciences.


Netherlands – Recognition by the Nederlands Vlaamse Accreditatie Organisatie (NVAO)

FIBAA staff members, Dr. Immo Schmidt-Jortzig, Head of Programme Accreditation/Certification Procedures, and three project managers for accreditation procedures, Birgit Lang-Eitner, Lilli Schmidt und Kristina Weng, have been since June 2011 recognised panel secretaries of NVAO.
FIBAA is now entitled to perform external programme evaluations at Dutch higher education institutions. NVAO recognise the evaluation report produced by FIBAA as a basis for its accreditation decisions.

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Europe-wide – Full membership in European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA)


ENQA is a European network responsible for disseminating knowledge, information, good practices and innovations in the field of quality assurance in higher education. ENQA is the European umbrella organisation of the quality assurance and accreditation agencies, and is an official consultant to the Bologna Conference of the ministers responsible for higher education. FIBAA has been a full member since 2002.

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Europe-Wide Listed in the European Quality Assurance Register for Higher Education (EQAR)

EQAR, established in 2008, is the central registry of accreditation agencies in Europe. These stand out through their resolute implementation of "European Standards and Guidelines" (ESG) in quality assurance and have successfully passed an external evaluation process. FIBAA has been listed as an accreditation agency in this registry since April 2009. 

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