Wittenborg's New Master in Business Management Due to Start in September

Wittenborg's New Master in Business Management Due to Start in September

MBM Applicants Don't Need Work Experience, Unlike MBA

Applications are now open for a new cluster of master's programmes at WUAS - the Master in Business Management (MBM) – which will start in September this year.

Unlike classic MBA programmes the MBM programme does not require applicants to have work experience of 3 years or more. Wittenborg senior admissions officer, Florian Oosterberg, said: “Another contrast with the classic MBA is that students are offered specialisation modules from the first semester, and also introduced to professional-based learning and company exposure.”

According to Oosterberg applications are going well, and many Wittenborg alumni as well as current students have shown interest.

There are 8 specialisations within the MBM programme of which 4 fall under Wittenborg’s School of Business and 4 under the School of Hospitality & Tourism. With the latter, a double degree with the University of Brighton is possible.

“For our current International Business Administration (IBA) students this is a great programme to do as a follow-up if they want to do a master's degree but have not yet gained work experience,” Oosterberg said. “The duration of the programme is 1.5 years and it has more economic-related content than an MBA. It also features Project Weeks and, as with our other master's programmes, doing an internship is optional,” Oosterberg said.

There are 6 entry dates per year for applicants. The 8 MBM specialisations are: Human Resource Management, Logistics and Trade, Digital Marketing & Communication, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, Sport Business, Tourism & Travel, Hospitality Management and Event Management.

WUP 17/5/2019
by James Wittenborg
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