Message from the Chair of the Executive Board

Peter Birdsall Chair Executive Board Wittenborg UniversityWelcome to Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences!

There are many universities of applied sciences to choose from in the Netherlands and around the world. Where you study can be a tough choice to make, and if you choose to come to Wittenborg University you will have made that decision based on the good advice and preparation given by our experienced admissions office.

With around 600 students at any one time, Wittenborg is an institute where you are recognised as a member of the team. That’s what makes the opportunities that our school offers its students possible. Classes are small, teaching contact hours are high. Courses are offered in compact, business-like modules. Education is transparent and can be tailored to a student’s needs.

With our main campus based in Apeldoorn, we aim to introduce Dutch and International Students to companies and organisations in the local area and region, enhancing the region’s economy, culture and social climate. Our Amsterdam location enable us to support international entrepreneurs coming to the Netherlands, with a tailored entrepreneurial bachelor's programme.

Enter Wittenborg and you enter a highly motivated and driven organisation run in a diverse and multicultural environment in which more than 75 nationalities work, study, innovate and socialise together. Wittenborg is an entrepreneurial organisation that innovates and encourages its students to achieve.

At Wittenborg we believe that learning should be an enjoyable process that allows you to develop your goals and aspirations, and provides you with the constant support and the required study pressure to achieve those targets. Wittenborg graduates are world citizens; they nurture respect and a have a sense of achievement. They have developed ambition and pride themselves in excellence. They are our greatest ambassadors!

Peter Birdsall, MA.ed

Chair of the Executive Board