Take a (Virtual) Walk in Wittenborg's New COVID-Proof Classrooms

Curious about how classrooms at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will actually look once the new academic year starts in September? Students and prospective students got a virtual behind-the-scenes tour with Wittenborg President Peter Birdsall, who showed off the safety precautions installed in classrooms and other facilities at the campuses in Apeldoorn and Amsterdam now that the Dutch government has given the go-ahead for institutions of higher education to start in-person classes again.

When Hearing "No" is a Gift, Because your Dream Job is Waiting Around the Corner

After graduating, Wittenborg alumnus, Armin Moradi, received a whole lot of rejection letters from companies. His situation was exacerbated by the coronavirus, but he kept on trying and has now landed a job with the biggest bank in the Netherlands, ING. "Looking back, I am over the moon that all those people said 'no' to me so I can do a job that I always dreamed of. This shows that sometimes hearing 'no' is a gift."

s00045 Mon, 22/06/2020 - 14:48
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Executive Unveils Detailed Plan for New Academic Year

A detailed plan mapping out the steps Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences will take in the next few months, as it prepares to start class-based teaching in the new academic year, has been presented by the Executive Board. It contains several COVID-19 prevention measures to ensure the continued safety of both students and staff, which include not having more students than possible in one class and running classes from morning to evening in the future.

Project Week Interview Series: Gig Economy May Be New Normal for Businesses

While many business owners served their staff with unpaid leave notices when the COVID-19 pandemic struck, Jeremiah Kahindo stood his ground and proved how his two businesses were able to surmount this period of shock and uncertainty without laying off any of his workers.

Project Week: Royal Auping adapts production to help Dutch hospitals

Royal Auping is a family business based in Deventer that specialises in the production of beds, mattresses and box springs. The company was founded in 1888 with a mission to bring rest to the world. During this block's project week, Ine Stultjens, Manager of Marketing & Communication at Royal Auping shared how the company adapted its production process to cope with a reduction in customer orders due to the lockdown imposed across several countries during the COVID19 pandemic.

Project Week: Recycle Company Shares How COVID-19 Impacted Business at Project Week

While the COVID-19 outbreak has been disastrous for many Dutch companies, others suddenly found themselves in a plum position to meet the needs of the pandemic economy. Case in point: Van Gerrevink Ltd., an Apeldoorn-based company that benefitted from the bizarre toilet paper craze that swept the world after the outbreak. Its owner, Marc van Gerrevink, explained to Wittenborg students how the pandemic impacted his company – both in a positive and negative way - as part of the final Project Week.

Rijn Platteel, Chairperson VNO NCW Stedendriehoek shares valuable insights about housing sector in the Netherlands during period of COVID-19

Rijn Platteel is currently the Managing Director of Change in a real estate company providing affordable housing and community building for young professionals between the ages of 20-35. He shares his valuable insight about housing sector in the Netherlands during the period of COVID-19 and how students can benefit from it.

Catching up with Bert Meeuwsen: When staying at home leads to getting a new home

Bert Meeuwsen is a lecturer as well as advisor to the executive board of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences. Apart from keeping up with his tasks as a Wittenborg staff member and his private executive coaching, he has also undertaken the task of renovating the new home that he and his wife recently purchased.

Dutch Enjoy Significant Number of Freedoms Again after Drop in COVID-19 Cases

Restaurants, terraces, museums and cinemas in the Netherlands were allowed to open again this week after more than two months of closure due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Public transport is now also running to normal schedules again after services were significantly reduced. A day later, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences also reopened all its locations in the Netherlands – its two buildings in Apeldoorn and one in Amsterdam are now all accessible again during office hours.