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Wittenborg's Raymond Rothengatter Making Impact on Society with Diversity at Workplace

When you suffer from a mental illness, finding (and keeping) a job can be an uphill struggle. Luckily for these type of job seekers there are employers like Wittenborg's Raymond Rothengatter. Rothengatter's ICT company, RayFlexCom, took part in a trial to determine how job seekers with mental health issues can be integrated at companies. His company tshowed that, with a little tweaking, it can be done successfully. In fact, so much so that government is now sponsoring 2,300 of these vacancies over the coming period.

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Wittenborg Students Ask Management to Prioritise Mental Health Support

A survey among international students in the Netherlands has shown that the majority have often experienced anxiety, loneliness or boredom the past few months. The survey was carried out by Nuffic, the Dutch organisation for internationalisation in education, to glean insight into the general well-being of international students as they continue to weather the impact of COVID-19 on their studies. Last week, at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' annual Students and Staff Conference, mental health was also cited as a huge concern for students.

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Student Mental Health a Pressing Issue for International Students

The second annual Students and Staff Conference at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences took place this week. The unique event gave both parties the opportunity to gather and discuss a range of education topics from their points of view. These topics included the overall teaching quality, learning facilities and tools, student accommodation, non-curricular activities, and issues that are on the rise like student mental health.

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