Student Mental Health a Pressing Issue for International Students

Student Mental Health a Pressing Issue for International Students

Wittenborg Students and Staff Conference Gives Unique Opportunity to Discuss Education Issues Together

The second annual Students and Staff Conference at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences took place this week. The unique event gives both parties the opportunity to gather and discuss a range of education topics from their points of view. These topics include the overall teaching quality, learning facilities and tools, student accommodation, non-curricular activities and issues that are on the rise like student mental health.  

The day-long conference saw student representatives and Wittenborg staff meet separately in the morning before convening in the afternoon and exchanging ideas. Their proposals will be presented to management next.

One of the top concerns for students was mental health and how Wittenborg can assist in this regard. The university's Head of Operations, Lasantha de Silva, said the proposal for a dedicated psychologist or student counsellor was noted and will be presented to the executive.

Student Mental Health a Pressing Issue for International Students

Student representatives also felt strongly about improving students' participation in sport activities - whether by providing sporting facilities and opportunities or by way of organising events, including with other institutions of higher education.

Wittenborg's chair of the executive board, Peter Birdsall, said it is pretty unique for a university of applied sciences in the Netherlands to arrange a conference like this, and that he was pleased with the representation on the day. Birdsall also talked about the different systems of governance concerning the university and the programmes offered at Wittenborg, and how this was an effective way to bring them all together.

WUP 4/3/2020
by Anesca Smith
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