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On Decolonising University Curricula

Senior lecturer, Bert Meeuwsen recently represented Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences at the recently held Education and Student Experience Conference hosted over two days by the University of Brighton in the UK. Meeuwsen said he was especially inspired by the second day's programme, which centred around inclusivity and decolonising university curricula.

Wittenborg's MBA Graduate Scores Triple Hits

This week, the winner of the UEFA 2020 pool organised by Wittenborg’s communications department was revealed, and it happens to be Shamsodin K. Shavandi from Iran. With this win, Shavandi scored (pun intended) triple hits, as he has just graduated on July 9 with an MBA in International Management and signed a contract with an employer in the Netherlands.

Wittenborg Teachers' Creativity & Innovativeness Revealed during Pedagogy Strategies Meeting

As Wittenborg’s academic school year came to a close this week, its faculty members came together for an informal teachers pedagogy strategies meeting. The main aim of the meeting is to gather teachers' reflections and to have open discussions on teaching and learning, one year into the pandemic. The event was held on Wednesday, 7 July, via hybrid mode at its Spoorstraat campus and MS Teams. The meeting was attended by lecturers from all of its four campuses, in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam, Munich (Germany) and Bad Voslau (Austria).

Warm Send-off for Wittenborg's Beloved Admissions Manager in Amsterdam

After vetting thousands of hopeful student applicants and guiding them towards their dream of studying abroad, Yanti Setiawan, Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' Manager Admissions and External Relations, is leaving the institution to return to her home country, Indonesia. Setiawan said in an interview that working in the Netherlands has been an unforgettable adventure where she gained lots of valuable work experience.

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Former NVAO Director, Paul Zevenbergen, Joins Wittenborg Advisory Board

Dutch education expert Paul Zevenbergen is one of three new members to join Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences' Advisory Board this year, bringing with him considerable experience in both the public and private higher education spheres. The two other new members are Rijn Platteel (chair) and Prof. Petra De Weerd-Nederhof. The next Advisory Board meeting will be in the spring where they will be formally introduced.

New Role for Wittenborg's Director of Corporate Governance

Congratulations are in order for Wittenborg's Director of Corporate Governance, Karen Penninga, who has been appointed to the National Commission for the Code of Conduct for International Students in Dutch Higher Education. The announcement was made in the Commision's latest newsletter. As commissioner, Penninga will represent NRTO - the Dutch Council for Private Universities and Institutions for Education and Training.

"This was my Lifeline to Family and Friends as an International Student in the Netherlands"

What is your most prized possession? For Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng, it is a small, green address book that is already more than 30 years old, given to her as a child in Beijing. She explained the value of the book in a recent interview published in the corporate relations magazine of Achmea, the largest insurance company in the Netherlands with an annual turnover of €23 billion.

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Wittenborg Lecturer Pens Paper on Privacy as Governments Push for Data Collection in Fight Against COVID-19

The value of data in fighting the spread of COVID-19 has been emphasised by authorities around the world - from promoting mobile applications tracing the contacts of positive cases, to the exchange of data by researchers. But where does this leave an individual's right to privacy? Wittenborg lecturer Stanley Mbelu (LL.M) co-authored a recent paper on the subject with fellow academic Fortune Nwaiwu from the Tomas Bata University in the Czech Republic. It was published on Social Science Research Network.

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Feeling a Bit Lost Between Countries? They Have a Name for That

As an international living abroad, you might not have heard of the term "Multiple Nationality Disorder", but chances are you have felt it. That unease when, after living abroad for a few months or years, you realise you cannot fully integrate back into your own nationality. Wittenborg lecturer and life coach Nátalia Leal recently wrote about the phenomenon on her website and the article was in turn picked up by Expat Republic.

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Teaching International Students Enriched Career, Says Dutch Lecturer

After two years of sharing his expertise in sport business management with students at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, lecturer Bas Schreurs is to leave the institution for now in the face of the restructuring of programmes at the institute, changes in educational pedagogies and preparation to achieve new international accreditations, especially the AACSB accreditation. In an interview, Schreurs, who also works as Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) manager for premier league football club FC Twente, talked about how his lecturing career was enriched by working with international students at Wittenborg, his optimism about returning at some point and possibly pursuing a PhD exploring the impact of sport on climate change.

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