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Want Better Grades? Change Your Study Technique

We often grumble when it comes to revising for tests or exams. Studying is indeed tough, stressful and frustrating, or even traumatic for some. But what if I tell you there’s one study technique that could not only speed up your studying process, but is also more effective and fun? And the best of all, what if I told you that this technique could actually improve your scores and studying ability? Don’t believe me? Read on.

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Student Column: In Praise of Patience

Patience can be defined as the ability to endure pain or suffering when faced with affliction or provocation. It basically means remaining calm and steadfast without resorting to impulsive reaction or action. A patient person is as tenacious as steel or tar, which means tough and not easily affected by an external force. Patience does not just mean the ability to restrain yourself from fighting or hitting another person, or going berserk and breaking things. It goes beyond that. Many people would claim that they are patient and humble. But are they?

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