New Wittenborg Students

Our New Students are Here!

Safely arrived and happy to be in the Netherlands! This was the mood among the first international students to join Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences in person for the new academic year as they participated in (safely distanced) Introduction Week activities this week. The first arrivals hailed from countries ranging from Russia, Iran, the Netherlands and even far-fledged places like Zimbabwe.

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Many New Students Taking Leap of Faith Despite COVID-19

The President of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, Peter Birdsall, says he is optimistic that the institution can attain at least 60% of its usual September intake of new students despite COVID-19. Birdsall made the remarks in an interview with Dutch daily, De Stentor, along with Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng. Flight restrictions still hamper free travel in many countries and a lot remains uncertain.

New Students Get Taste of What It Is Like to Study at Wittenborg in Online Talk with Staff

Students and staff from Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences teamed up last week to host a virtual meet-and-greet with international students who are to start the new academic year in September. The students logged in from a diversity of countries including Japan, Georgia, India, Nigeria, Iran and Cameroon. Even Wittenborg CEO Maggie Feng joined in specially from her summer holiday to give them all a warm welcome.

Introduction Day Amsterdam

The new block has started and Wittenborg is happy to welcome freshers from Nigeria, UK, Iran, the Netherlands, Brazil, Pakistan, Vietnam. Three of them are MBA and five are EBA students. During two introduction days, they had a chance to meet the staff members, to learn about the university and surroundings. The introduction was wrapped up with an urban quest where the students had to demonstrate their creativity while exploring the neighborhood.

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