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First International Arrivals of New Academic Year Excited to Join Wittenborg

First International Arrivals of New Academic Year Excited to Join Wittenborg

Safely arrived and happy to be in the Netherlands! This was the mood among the first international students to join WUAS in person for the new academic year as they participated in (safely distanced) Introduction Week activities this week. The first arrivals hailed from countries ranging from far fledged Zimbabwe to Russia, Iran and, closer to home, the Netherlands.  

Master's student Vimbai Nhubu from Zimbabwe says she was not nervous about travelling on the long-haul flight to the Netherlands. "The plane was not full – I think less than 30 people on the flight – and besides, the number of COVID-19 cases in Zimbabwe is relatively low, so borders were open for international flights." She will do a Master of Business Management in Human Resource Management and says she chose to study in the Netherlands because she wants to broaden her international skills, and she likes the country's culture and openness to diversity.

It took Russian student Lilia Alimova 20 hours to travel to the Netherlands due to some flight cancellations on the way. Alimova, who is doing and IBA in Marketing and Communication, started her studies at Wittenborg online in the previous academic year and is now able to travel. She is happy with the hybrid education she will receive at Wittenborg, and happy too that she will be able to attend classes in person, as this is part of the experience of studying abroad.

Dutch student Floris Brinkman did not have to travel so far, living in Almelo. "I have always had an international mindset; I have lived with my parents in Spain since I was a baby. So, it was natural that I would choose an international university to continue my studies in higher education." He will do an IBA in Financial Services Management.

Pedram Ameri, from Iran, did not consider deferring his studies for a minute when he decided to study in the Netherlands. Before coming here, he was a sales manager for a distribution company and he will do an MBA in International Management at Wittenborg." For me, the Netherlands is the gateway to the world, which is why I wanted to study here. And it was a no-brainer that I would choose a university of applied sciences, since I am a practical and solution-driven person."

WUP 29/8/2020
by Anesca Smith
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