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High Contact Hours

Lectures and seminars are given face to face, however also in workshop and project format, under the guidance of professional lecturer or expert from industry;

Wittenborg students will experience a full curriculum with up to 32 contact hours a week, during lesson weeks;

Project weeks are focussed on research, filled with coaching sessions, workshops and business excursions, and the exam week is compact and efficient;

Wittenborg prides itself in providing education through intensive contact with lecturers, tutors and people from business and industry;

Experience a fully taught curriculum at Wittenborg University!

Bachelor students have up to 3 core subject modules in a block from 1 year. Obviously if a student is following the planning through the Phase programming, sometimes they might be following up to 4 core modules at one time. This is an extremely intensive load, however many international students are prepared to study longer hours and at weekends. The timetable spans 40 weeks, however the year is planned over 44 learning weeks (see programme pages), and highly motivated students, who find learning easy, can achieve a higher number of gained modules.

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