WUAS Teachers' Meeting Highlights Importance of Education Development, Quality Management and Good Health

WUAS Teachers' Meeting Highlights Importance of Education Development, Quality Management and Good Health

Importance of Education Development and Quality Management at WUAS

WUAS Interim Teachers’ Meeting held on 2 February highlighted the importance of Education Development and Quality Management at Wittenborg. Opening the bi-annual meeting, President of Wittenborg Peter Birdsall touched on issues involving accreditation of its master's and bachelor's programmes. Echoing the positive feedback received recently from FIBAA Review Panel (read the news here), Birdsall announced that Wittenborg scored excellently in its internationalisation concept, quality system via Assurance of Learning, teaching delivery, assessments, final projects and student support for its MBM/MSc programme. He reiterated that it is crucial for WUAS to maintain this high standard of quality not only in the master's programme but for its bachelor's programme as well. WUAS's bachelor's programme will go through the NVAO Re-accreditation in July 2023.

Birdsall also stated that WUAS, as a business school, can indeed contribute to society in Apeldoorn and the region by promoting excellence in teaching of international business and management. The activities, the lessons and the projects that Wittenborg organises for its students, whether in Apeldoorn, Amsterdam or Munich, help to contribute to business and society in Apeldoorn and the region. Commenting on this, Assurance of Learning Manager Kriszta Kaspers added, "WUAS is committed to forming its organisational culture based on its core values to achieve ultimately positive societal impact in Apeldoorn & the region. Also, WUAS is committed as part of its ethical concerns to the UN SDGs, seeing sustainability a priority in initiatives, especially those that have the potential to achieve high impact, which is needed given the urgency of the sustainable solutions on all frontiers."

WUAS Teachers' Meeting Highlights Importance of Education Development, Quality Management and Good Health

Head of School of Business Dr Rauf Abdul, in his regular bi-annual address to teachers during the meeting, gave updates on issues related to teaching delivery at WUAS. He commented that keeping teachers abreast of recent developments and changes to teaching policies and lesson delivery is crucial to ensure quality management and consistency across Wittenborg's different study locations. The meeting then proceeded with a workshop conducted by one of Wittenborg's lecturers, Dr Natalia Leal. A career and life coach aside from lecturing at Wittenborg, Leal brought teachers through the topic of Good Health and Well-being in line with Wittenborg's theme for the academic year 2022-2023. Leal discussed the true meaning of success and the 'neuroplasticity' of the brain, which allows it to reorganise itself to learn new things and adapt to changes. She says that mental diseases, unfortunately quite common in today's society, might be avoided if we can learn how to reorganise our brains to create new pathways and make positive changes. She then recommended several tips on how we can change our views towards a positive growth mindset.

The meeting ended with focused roundtable discussions among the teachers followed by networking and refreshments.

WUP 09/02/2023
by Hanna Abdelwahab
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