Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences Students visit the Nicolaus Copernicus University

28/10/2011 WUAS Students visit the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Poland and establish relations with the Polish students and Faculty there.

WUAS Students Union PolandIndependently initiated and organized by Wittenborg student Pouyan Kalanaki (Iran) and Saxion University student Agnieszka Plewa (Poland) in cooperation with WUAS's Students’ Union, a group of Apeldoorn based Wittenborg Business School Students took advantage of the autumn free study period / holiday, as an opportunity to expand their knowledge and experiences by exchanging information with students from different areas and different cultures in Poland. The main objective of visiting Nicolaus Copernicus University was to realize a project with environmental protection students, mainly focused on sustainable businesses.

Professor Adam Czarnecki‏, of Nicolaus Copernicus University, opened the program by presenting the main pillars of their studies, to help Wittenborg students get to know their approach to business education, and in return the Wittenborg students presented the main aspects of business studies, Netherlands style, to the Polish environmental protection students.

The programme ended with all students uniting in mixed Wittenborg and Nicolaus Copernicus student groups to present a profitable and eco-friendly business idea.

nicolaus copernicus university.jpgWUAS Business School Director, Peter Birdsall showed his admiration for the initiative; “at a time when most Higher Education students at Netherlands Universities and Business Schools are mainly concerned about doing just enough at University to gain study credits, it’s wonderful to see Wittenborg students taking their own initiative to expand their horizons together at a time when they could just take off on an individual holiday”. He added that WUAS has planned two study trips for the spring term, with a week visiting the UK, where students can visit Wittenborg’s partner, the University of Brighton, and a special trade mission project week to Shanghai, China at which students will be able to spend a week visiting the campus of the Shanghai Business School, and visiting international companies and organisations in the city.