Wittenborg Student Sets up Apeldoorn's First UNICEF Student Team

Wittenborg Student Sets up Apeldoorn's First UNICEF Student Team

And Why You Should Join as a Student Volunteer

Iranian student Niloufar Abouheidari has barely been in the Netherlands for 6 months, yet she has already set up a student team for UNICEF  in Apeldoorn. UNICEF is the United Nations Children's Fund responsible for providing humanitarian and developmental aid to children worldwide.

The children's activist is now campaigning for more students to join the Apeldoorn team, regardless of which institution they are studying at. Its aim will be to involve students from Apeldoorn to further UNICEF's mission, namely, to help children so that their basic needs are met and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potentials. Those who are interested can email Niloufar at s1124137@student.wittenborg.eu.

"Our activities might be delayed because of the coronavirus, but we fully intend to go ahead once it is possible." She foresees that most of the volunteer work for those who join will involve spreading awareness and creating fundraising and other events under the auspices of the Dutch branch of UNICEF.

Dream Job

Niloufar joined WUAS in August 2019 as a direct-entry student, initially signing up for its IBA (Bachelor) programme in Logistics and International Trade, but quickly switched to an HBA in Event Management. "In Iran I did a degree in Agricultural Engineering, and plan to combine that knowledge with event management and create my dream job."

According to Niloufar, she has always loved working with children and contacted UNICEF in January. "They explained the process of setting up a team - you need at least five people and there is also plenty of guidance from the organisation. In Iran I also did charity work."

Why should students join the organisation? "When you help a child, you have the capacity to influence his or her life in a positive way that could have major implications. At the same time you enrich yourself, develop a heart for others and - bonus - it will look good on your résumé one day!"

WUP 27/3/2020
by Anesca Smith
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