Wittenborg Student Performs with the Avishkar Orchestra at Theatre Meervaart

Soujanya Garimella Singing Bollywood Songs Saturday

“Music plays a very important part in my life. Whenever I feel stressed or low, just humming a bit of a song lifts my mood,” says Wittenborg MBA student and singer Soujanya Garimella.

Wittenborg Student Performs with the Avishkar Orchestra at Theatre MeervaartOriginally from India, Garimella will be performing a set of Bollywood hits on Saturday, 2 April, from 20:15 to 21:45 at Theatre Meervaart in Amsterdam. During the concert, she will be singing with the Avishkar Orchestra, accompanied by three other vocalists and instruments played by 10 people. The event is being organised as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations of Ujala UR Radio and tickets cost € 10 (click here to book).

Garimella said that this is her first performance with the Avishkar Orchestra, highlighting that she is excited to perform with a talented band that has been active for 28 years. “This is going to be a fun concert, with songs of Bollywood legends such as Sharukh Khan and Akhshay Kumar, and all Wittenborg students, lecturers and staff are more than welcome to attend,” she added.

Having started singing at the age of 5, Garimella was first introduced to the world of music by her mother. Later, she trained with music teachers in India, learning styles such as Indian classical and light music. “I am still continuing my journey, and I hope to learn and explore different kinds of music in my life. Singing is a way of expression to me and whenever I sing, it makes me content,” she said.

WUP 30/03/2022
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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