Wittenborg Moves from Aventus to New Campus Building Brinklaan

Wittenborg Moves from Aventus to New Campus Building Brinklaan

Wittenborg Moves on the Hottest Day of the Year

The big moving operation has started on what could be the hottest day of the year! At 7am Wittenborg staff with local moving company Staal-Hartgers started the three day operation to relocate.

Wittenborg has taken a major step in its history by moving from the Aventus Building – where it was based for exactly 12 years – to its new main building, located at Brinklaan 268 in Apeldoorn.

Brinklaan Building to Be Fully Operational from Monday (25.07)

Having spent the last weeks packing boxes and getting ready to move, Wittenborg staff look forward to unpacking and settling in, when from next Monday, July 25th, the Brinklaan building will be fully operational as Wittenborg’s main administration & study location. The school’s new location is connected by an overhead walkway to the institution’s existing student dorm, at 3 De Ruyterstraat, where 40 students are currently living. Moreover, it is a stone’s throw from the new housing facilities that are being built on De Ruyterstraat, which will accommodate 75 students, and a short walk from Apeldoorn’s city centre. Another bonus is the fact that the new building is located just across the street from Amaliapark, one of Apeldoorn’s most popular green areas.

Wittenborg Moves from Aventus to New Campus Building Brinklaan

Spoorstraat Building – remains an essential part of the city campus

In addition to the Brinklaan building, the Spoorstraat building will remain important with its proximity to the railway station and housing around 50% of all teaching, as well as being the main examination centre. The Spoorstraat also houses the academic library.

Main Features

With a total area of 1,900 m2, the Brinklaan building has three floors, a large cellar and parking spaces for 21 cars. Among other facilities, the new building includes a reception area, classrooms on every floor, bookable presentation and meeting rooms, a canteen and open spaces for faculty, staff and students.

Moreover, the new location has work spaces and multiple offices, where Wittenborg’s management, finance, marketing and admissions teams, as well as faculty members, will be based. In total, the Brinklaan location will be able to accommodate 180 students and 60 staff and faculty members at any one time. Some of the building’s most distinguishable features are the glass walls at its front, which make the inside visible to passers-by, and the walkway on the second floor, which connects it to the student accommodation at 3 De Ruyterstraat, enabling some lucky students to avoid cold and rainy weather when going to class.

A New Phase for Wittenborg

The move to the new location marks the beginning of a new era for Wittenborg, and from now on the school will be based at a more spacious, comfortable and vibrant building.

Deputy Student Registrar Sinan Colasan said he is really excited about the changes, highlighting that a great number of staff members will be working at the same place, which will provide people with the opportunity of meeting colleagues from other departments more often. “We have brought not only our computers and furniture, but also many unforgettable memories from the days we spent at the Aventus building. Now, there are plenty of new special moments waiting for us at Brinklaan. On top of that, I believe our students will really enjoy it and that is the most important thing.”

Admissions Manager Mykhailo Huba pointed out that the new building will be 100% dedicated to Wittenborg. “I am looking forward to knowing how the new workplace feels. The fact that it is close to the student housing facilities is good for the students, and I also really like that Amaliapark is right next to it,” he stressed.

For HR & Immigration Administrator Mahesan Suntharesan, this significant change symbolizes Wittenborg’s expansion, which has been made possible by the hard work of all of its staff. “The new building is really large, has great infrastructure and will give us more freedom, so I am definitely happy about it. Plus, since the new location is closer to Apeldoorn’s city centre, it will make it much easier for us and the students to go to any shops we might need to visit.”

WUP 19/7/2022
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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