Our Christmas Message 2022

Our Christmas Message 2022

Christmas Message 2022 from Peter Birdsall & Maggie Feng

The festive season of Christmas is for many of us a moment to stop and reflect. For all of us at Wittenborg, it is a time of a few, precious ‘compulsory’ days off. Some of us are lucky to be able to spend time with our families, others to travel. The days are short, and the nights are long, and the festive lights are shining hope.
In 2022, we in the Netherlands left the surrealistic ravages of the pandemic behind and at Wittenborg we once again had a wonderful summer graduation, full classrooms, a fabulous EuroChrie Conference and then the wonderful Wittenborg35 Gala in November. We closed the year with the biggest ever university-wide SDG3 project week, in which over 250 students and staff participated.
However, in 2022, outside our world within Wittenborg, other dark clouds appeared to dampen our optimism. We know that many of you are affected by the war in Ukraine (directly or indirectly), the awful turmoil in Iran and the ongoing struggles to cope with COVID-19 in China. There are also many events around the world that are out of the public eye but are maybe just as important. We wish everyone who is affected a special boost of strength and support at this time.
Please stay safe and stay physically and mentally healthy this Christmas. Enjoy each other’s company as far as that is possible, time with friends, and perhaps with family. Reach out to others if you see a need and please reach out if you need help.

Peter Birdsall & Maggie Feng

WUP 23/12/2022
by Peter Birdsall
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