Wittenborg Adopts Multidisciplinary Exit Exams (MEEs)

Exams to Be Taken at End of Each Learning Phase

Exams to Be Taken at End of Each Learning Phase

With the goal of monitoring and evaluating the progress of its students from a more comprehensive and in-depth perspective, Wittenborg is implementing Multidisciplinary Exit Exams (MEEs) from the academic year 2022-2023. Therefore, in addition to the normal assessments that lead to credits, students will also be required to complete an MEE at the end of each learning phase. This means that, for bachelor’s students, there will be a multidisciplinary exit exam at the end of phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3, while for master’s students the exit exam is at the end of semester 2.

The MEEs will take content from all taught modules from either the completed phase or, in the case of the master’s programmes, both semesters. The examinations might take one of three different formats: closed-book exams (generally multiple choice), open-book exams (with students having the opportunity to access the internet) and presentations or interviews.

Although technically students cannot fail a multidisciplinary exit exam, there will be the letter F which indicates that the student should not be advised to progress. The grades will be based on letter grades in line with ECTS, and should be seen as an indication of a student’s knowledge.

According to Wittenborg president Peter Birdsall, the new exams will enable students to better evaluate their educational progress as well as the development of competencies required to become business administrators and managers. “This is a really innovative procedure, because it is the first time that a Dutch private business school adopts this type of exam. For this reason, over the next couple of years the MEE will be in its experimental phase. Even though there is no pass requirement, the letter-grade received on one’s exam will be included in the academic transcripts. Therefore, a good performance will make graduates stand out in the eyes of employers.”

MEEs are compulsory and must be taken by all students in order to graduate. The criteria for being eligible to take a MEE is that the student must have completed (passed) all the modules in the relevant study phase. Bachelor’s students are not allowed to start any phase 3 modules unless they have at least completed the phase 1 exit exam. Moreover, a phase 2 exit exam must be completed before a graduation assignment proposal is accepted. Master’s students, in turn, must complete the MEE before submitting their final graduation assignment.

The exams will be held twice a year in the retake weeks, allowing ample time for students to plan their assessments.

WUP 14/9/2022
by Ulisses Sawczuk
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