Top Duo Return to Wittenborg to do MBA

Top Graduates Return to Wittenborg to do MBA

Top Graduates Maike Nuyken and Marius  Zürcher back at Wittenborg to do MBA

Top graduates Maike Nuyken and Marius Zürcher will return to WUAS in April to do an MBA in Hospitality Management after launching a start-up and gaining lots of business experience along the way. They are among 26 new students who will start their classes next Tuesday after the Easter Holiday break.

Nuyken (from Germany) and Zürcher (Swiss-born) graduated with honors from Wittenborg in 2015 after doing their IBA in Economics & Management. Nuyken achieved the highest pass rate ever for a bachelor's degree student at Wittenborg!

After graduating, they started 1520 -  a company that operates under two banners: “1520 Consulting” focuses on millennial marketing and branding, events, concepts and strategies, while “1520 Veggilicious” offers a specialized service that advises restaurants on the adoption and integration of vegetarian and vegan options into their existing offers.

On why they decided that this is the right moment to do an MBA, Zürcher explains: “We are currently at a stage where a lot of our activities as 1520 allow us to follow an MBA at the same time.

“We decided to go back to Wittenborg because of its flexibility and because we enjoyed our time there, the international character and because it is local.

“I think doing an MBA will benefit my career because it will sharpen my skills. Having an MBA next to your name is also helpful.”

WUP 6/4/2018

by Anesca Smith
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