Peter Birdsall

Looking back and looking forward - 2021 New Year's 'Speech'

Looking back and looking forward - Peter Birdsall, President of the Executive Board of Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences
Today is the last day of January 2021, and although this year has started during a stranger period than any of us have experienced until now, the year brings a sense of hope and excitement as we start to move into new pastures. This year’s annual New Year’s dinners, parties and speeches have not been given in the same way as usual; however, it remains important that we take a brief moment to look back at the achievements of last year and especially forward to the next eleven twelfths of this year.

Wittenborg University Press Representatives Visit Two of the newest Irish Distilleries

I recently had the pleasure of accompanying my cousin, writer and artist Ben Birdsall, as he travelled to Ireland to do some last-minute research for his new book: "Whiskey Burn – the Distilleries of Ireland by Vespa". It is shortly to be published by Wittenborg University Press, as a sequel to his first book on Scottish distilleries.