Policy on Working from Home, the Future of Education Discussed at Wittenborg Conference

High on the agenda at Wittenborg's annual Students and Staff Conference held online this year was mental health issues as a side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, staff policy around working from home and how the pandemic is shaping the future of education. Proposals emanating from the conference will be presented in a report to management next.

As Class-Based Education Screeches to a Halt, Schools and Universities Face Different Learning Curves

In March of this year, class-based education for both schools and universities in the Netherlands screeched to a halt. Samantha Birdsall, Project Week teacher at Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences, is in a unique position because she is also a substitute primary school teacher at the Prins Willem Alexander School in the Dutch town of Laren. In an interview she gave the inside scoop on how each is coping with their new reality of online education, the challenges and what lessons can be taken into the future.

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Further Education the Way to Empowerment, Teachers Hear at Wittenborg Symposium on MA in Education

If you want to have a bigger voice in the national conversation on education, a master's degree in Education is one way to empower yourself. That was one of the messages at Wittenborg's recently held Symposium on its new MA in Education, which featured a host of inspiring speakers from the UK and the Netherlands.

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Want to Learn More About Studying Abroad? Attend an Education Fair - There Might be One in Your City

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences participates in many education fairs all-year round in many countries, but in the Netherlands as well. It is an excellent way to gain in-depth information about study programmes and application procedures.