Wittenborg welcomes Nithya Venkataraman, MBA, to the business faculty

Wittenborg welcomes Nithya Venkataraman, MBA, to the business faculty

WUAS Wittenborg’s unique learning environment provides students a learning experience that goes beyond the traditional values of a business school.  At Wittenborg students are presented a curriculum which offers students the opportunity to learn the theory from professionals who relate the contents of the text books to their own personal experiences. More than 70% of Wittenborg’s lecturers are currently still active in professional field, whilst teaching at Wittenborg.

As an international institute, Wittenborg hires teachers from around the world and has recently welcomed its latest member of the team, Mrs Nithya Venkataraman, from India and recently moved to the Netherlands. With 2 Master-degrees - one Master in Organizational Psychology and an MBA from the Asian Institute of Management (Manila, Philippines), Nithya is going to teach first and second year international business students in the fields of Management and Leadership.

Using her extensive knowledge of consulting organizations and management situations (mergers, acquisitions, organization restructuring and employment branding) and wide experience in the learning and facilitation of both junior and senior management, Nithya is looking forward to the challenges of teaching a multinational class at WUAS.

Wittenborg prides itself in providing education through intensive contact with lecturers, tutors and people from business and industry and continues to strive for a balance of academically qualified and professionally experienced lecturers.

WUP 24/02/2012