Accredited Programmes

Accredited Programmes at Wittenborg University

Quality Systems Overview

Wittenborg University of Applied Sciences offers a range of programmes and courses that fall into different categories of accreditation and validation, however all its programmes are covered by its own internal Quality System.

Internal Quality Assurance

Internal Quality Assurance and Control is carried out by the Education Board, the Examination Board and the Quality Manager. The Education Board is chaired by University management. The Examination Board is independent of direct management control, however reports its findings to the board.

Wittenborg University to launch new re-developed and improved versions of its International Business Administration undergraduate Bachelor programmes

Real life project week The Wittenborg University Board has given the go-ahead for the implementation of an improved and redeveloped version of its Bachelor of International Business Administration programme with its 8 pathways, leading to specialisations in Economics & Management, Hospitality Management, Marketing & Communication, Financial Services