Our New MSc and HBA Students are Here!


New Group Represents 14 Different Countries

Our New MSc and HBA Students are Here-1

Our New MSc and HBA Students are Here!

Event management is proving the most popular programme among new MSc students, who will start their classes at WUAS this week, following an intense few days of Introduction Week activities, together with the new intake of HBA (Hospitality Business Administration) students.

Our New MSc and HBA Students are Here!

More than half of them will do a Master in International Event Management. All Wittenborg's Master in International Management (MSc) programmes as well as the HBA double degree programme are offered jointly with the University of Brighton. Together, the two groups represent 14 different countries - Germany, Nigeria, Vietnam, Luxembourg, Turkey, Spain, India, the Netherlands, China, Austria, India, Zimbabwe, Indonesia, Italy and Ukraine.

The Introduction Week programme was designed to give students the necessary information and tools to get a good start at Wittenborg, and to learn about the policies and procedures, as well as the online and offline resources at Brighton.


Our New MSc and HBA Students are Here!

Top Lecturers

Representing Brighton was Dr Michael Williams, Brighton's partner liaison tutor. Williams teaches across the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in event management at the university’s Eastbourne campus and at WUAS, one of the school’s partner institutions.

Prior to joining the University of Brighton, Williams was responsible for managing the festival programme at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. He has also previously worked as Events Manager for the Harrogate International Festival and the Wiltshire Festival.

Each of the MSc modules is taught by two lecturers, one from the University of Brighton and one from WUAS. The programme can be followed either part-time or full-time.

"We Want you to be Employable"

Williams told students that juggling multiple responsibilities is "part of the deal" - this might include working, studying, commuting, and family obligations. Therefore, good time management will be essential. "But there are different things you can do to help manage the work load. Things such as planning, prioritising tasks, and not leaving assignments to the last minute 'because I work best under the pressure'.

"After your studies we want you to be innovative, creative, informed, skilled, strategic and critical, professional and employable."

WUP 6/10/2019
by James Wittenborg
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