International Students Left in Cold for Lack of European Corona Pass

International Students Left in Cold for Lack of European Corona Pass

Non-EU Students Must Travel to Utrecht to Register Vaccinations from Abroad For Now

International students who had their COVID-19 vaccinations outside the EU or Switzerland and suddenly find themselves unable to gain entry to certain places for lack of a standardised European QR code are not completely stranded - they can still apply for the code after making an appointment in Utrecht.

Since 25 September it is mandatory in the Netherlands to have a corona pass or Corona Check App for those who want to visit cafes, clubs, restaurants, theatres or attend a sports event. The app generates a QR code which shows whether the user has been fully vaccinated, has recently had coronavirus, or has had a negative test within the past 24 hours. The person checking the code with a scanner will see a green tick or a red cross.

This week the student union, LSVb, raised the alarm that many international students were left out in the cold. The app only works with QR codes standardised in Europe. Students vaccinated elsewhere who want to apply for a European code can do so by making an appointment in Utrecht.

A quick survey among Wittenborg's non-EU students revealed that 38% of them have experienced problems in the past few days for lack of a European QR code.

A spokesperson for the Dutch ministry of health told they are working on a solution to the problem. For now students who have been vaccinated can make an appointment to register for the code by calling 030 800 2899. The location, which is close to Utrecht Central Station, will be provided in their appointment confirmation document.

Students should take the following documents with them to their appointment:
    • Proof of ID which has to correspond with the details on their proof of vaccination and/or:
    • Proof of BSN number
    • Proof of vaccination from the country where it was done

Requirements for proof of vaccination and a list of approved vaccines can be found here.

WUP 5/10/2021
by James Wittenborg
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