Career Room Webinar

Career Room Webinar
Career Room Webinar

Interested in hiring internationals? There are more possibilities and positive opportunities for companies than you might think.
The subject which will be covered during the webinar is: Hiring an intern, a part-time employee and an alumnus. We will discuss what legal paperwork has to be arranged and what positive effect hiring an international brings to your organisation.    

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Hiring an intern from outside the EU (during studies)

  • Nuffic agreement.
  • What needs to be arranged to arrange the legal paperwork for hiring an intern.

Hiring an international for a part-time job (during studies)

  • Applying for a work permit.
  • How can you apply free of charge for a work permit.

Hiring International Alumni in Search Year and after Search Year (after studies).

  • What requirements a company needs to fulfil to hire an alumnus and what salary norm is involved.

Welke (gunstige)salaris eisen gelden voor Alumni, Waaraan moet een bedrijf voldoen, en hoe gaat het proces van afstuderen naar zoekjaar naar kennismigrant.

  • salary norm
  • searchyear
  • “erkent referent”
  • “kennis migrant”

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