Annual Globalisation Conference Calls for Reviewers

Annual Globalisation Conference Calls for Reviewers

Reviewers Are Invited to Form Part of the Globalisation Conference 

In an effort to uphold the standards of academic discourse, the Annual Globalisation Conference has issued a call for reviewers to participate in the evaluation of submitted research.

Scheduled to take place from 14 to 16 August, the conference aims to convene leading scholars, researchers, and practitioners to explore globalisation under 10 key themes: 1) The Digital Revolution, 2) Global Trade and Economics, 3) Cultural Exchange in a Globalised World, 4) Migration Patterns, 5) Environmental Challenges, 6) Global Governance and Policy, 7) The Future of Work, 8) Ethics and Globalisation, 9) Global Health and Pandemics, and 10) Education in a Globalised Era. Reviewers are expected to be knowledgeable in one of these 10 themes.

While the committee is inviting researchers to submit original research papers, case studies, and innovative ideas that shed light on the broad theme of the conference within the 10 themes, reviewers will be tasked with providing constructive feedback and making fair assessments of submissions.

"We are seeking individuals who have excelled in their respective fields of research and possess practical experience to evaluate manuscripts," said Rosita Sayyar, Research Centre Assistant at Wittenborg. "Reviewers play a pivotal role in upholding the quality and relevance of the conference proceedings, and their contributions are invaluable in shaping the discourse on globalisation."

Reviewers will be expected to evaluate submissions based on pre-defined criteria: originality, relevance, methodology, clarity and significance. They must offer constructive feedback and fair assessments, meet deadlines and maintain confidentiality. Reviews will be anonymous to ensure impartiality and uphold the evaluation process's integrity.

Annual Globalisation Conference workshop for reviewers

Professor Ad Kil, Vice President of Applied Research at Wittenborg, is expected to host two workshops for reviewers to provide guidance and training. These two workshops are open to the public and will cover topics such as effective reviewing techniques, understanding conference criteria, and improving technical skills related to the review process.

"These workshops are designed to help reviewers enhance their ability to evaluate submissions accurately," said Sayyar. "They can gain insights into the conference's standards and expectations. Reviewers will also receive certificates of participation or completion indicating their attendance and engagement in the training sessions."

If you are interested in reviewing for the Globalisation Conference, please visit the "Call for Reviewers" link (here). Any queries can be emailed to  

WUP 16/02/2024

by Erene Roux

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